Cooking Tips

  • How to Steam - When asked to steam something in a recipe, you need to know the specific technique in order to complete the cooking of the recipe you are working on.  If you want to steam tortillas, you will need to use a tortilla steamer.  If you don’t have one, place a damp paper towel on a sandwich […]
  • Table Set - During this time of year, everyone’s thought is on Thanksgiving.  Each day this week, I myself will be prepping something, or creating a dessert that I have not made before. It’s all in the prep.  I hope.   #cooking #thanksgiving #food photography
  • The Spice of Life - Ever wonder how certain dishes have an undeniable flavor of a certain region that you just know it is that type of food?  Between the flavor trinities of beginning flavors to the spices that complete the dish, its all what you put in it. Here are the typical spices that are commonly used when creating […]
  • A Taste for Tea - “A Taste for Tea”   After several years of sugar laden teas and other drinks, it is such a breath of fresh air to find an iced tea that tastes so good right off the leaf.  This is one of the best teas that I have had and works great when you are watching what […]
  • Flavor Building – International Trinities - If you were ever curious about how certain ethnic foods have a flavor all its own, you can guess that there is a “base” set of flavors that the ethnic foods are started from.  I am sure most people are aware of mirepoix (french) of onions, carrots, and celery but these three ingredients are not […]
  • Salad Dinner - Any weeknight is a good time to make this delicious salad as your main course.   Make a large simple salad and add some grilled bar-be-que chicken…           Just slice the prepared chicken across the grain.  Serve up the greens tossed with your favorite dressing on dinner plates and top it off […]
  • Preparing Eggplant to Cook - When working with eggplant, there are a few things that you need to know.  For example, eggplant can be bitter when eaten if not prepared correctly.  The most bitter part is just below the skin so cut the ends off and use your paring knife to cut the skin off.  Make sure that you cut […]
  • Mincing and peeling garlic - To quickly peel and mince garlic, start with the cloves you need and cut off either end of the cloves. Place one clove under the wide part of your knife and use the butt of your hand on the knife to crush the garlic beneath. When you lift the knife, the garlic underneath will be […]
  • Mise en Place - Before you start cooking, you should have of your ingredients set out and prepped. Get everything you need ready on your counter before you start to cook.  This way, you are not looking for or prepping something you need while you are cooking.This is what’s called mise en place. It will save you time in […]
  • Size Matters! - When cooking different vegetables or meats in the same recipe, make the pieces the same size so they will take the same amount of time to cook.