Garden in Trouble

So, I took a good look at my garden today.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.  At first, both raised beds looked sort of like this

I have been looking at both of them for so long since I had been working on the hardscape of the rest of the yard and I allowed it to fall to sh*t.  Now, after I have removed some of the weeds out of the other raised bed, it now looks like this

and this

Now, just looking at the plants you can clearly see the gardens are in some serious trouble.  I get several small samples of soil out of this bed and brought it in the house to test.  I have a test kit that will tell me the Ph of the bed along with the level of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorous.  Once I had the results, I could clearly see what the problems were.

Too acidic




Nitrogen depleted




Potassium deficient




But on the good side, the Phosphorous was ok




After reading the results, the first thing I ran out to do?  Fertilize.  Now, hopefully, we will get some pumpkins this year.


#garden #soil testing #fertilize



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