Line & Lure

Eating today at the new Ilani casino at Line & Lure. When we arrived, there was no hostess so it took awhile to be seated. Our waitress came over and took our order and filled our water glasses only 1/2 full.  She didn’t bring us more water until we asked for it, even though she said she would bring more when taking our order.  The service was pretty slow even after we were seated and I didn’t receive more iced tea for some time.

I ordered the salmon and asparagus quiche and it was delicious. The quiche melted in my mouth. It was well made and came with an arugula salad.  I kept thinking that I shouldn’t be eating this dish as there was a lot of cheese in it, but that is why it was so good.

The rest of the people at our table had hamburgers.  I tasted one and it was really good but they said there was a lot of gristle in them.

Overall it was a really nice restaurant.


What are your thoughts?

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