Making Pumpkin Puree

Fresh Pumpkin Puree

This year, since I grew pumpkins in the garden, I decided to learn how to make my own pumpkin puree for the Pumpkin Mousse that I will be making for Thanksgiving.  Originally, the pumpkins were for the kids to carve but somehow they never got over to them.  I figured this was the next best thing.

These are the pumpkins that we will be using.  They were the decorations on the front porch through Halloween and now will become part of dinner.

One of them didn’t come out the way a pumpkin should so it looks funny to me.  The fruit of the pumpkin will be awesome though.


First thing we need to do is to cut the top off so we can scrap the seeds and membranes out.  img 0281This part is easy, we’ve all been carving pumpkins since we could walk.


I kind of like doing this part.  It wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t get deep into the guts of our food when we prep it.  It gives you a whole new appreciation for food.


To make puree, obviously, the pumpkin needs to be cooked.  Once you get the pumpkins gutted, brush some melted butter all on the inside, including the top, and replace the lids.  Put the pumpkins on a shallow roasting pan and bake in the over on 375 degrees for an hour and a half.  It should look like this:  img 0282

When the pumpkins are done, they will be nicely caramelized and look like this:

img 0289

Once they cool enough where you can handle it without getting burned, you will want to peel them with a knife and puree the pieces in a blender until smooth:

img 0291

img 0293

You will want to do the pureeing in batches then pour it into a sieve over a large bowl to drain.  Cover it with some plastic wrap and refrigerate until you are ready to use it, preferably the next day.

img 0294


I plan on making Pumpkin Mousse with mine.





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