“The Lazy Cook”

A lazy cook!!!  I can’t believe he just said that!  After everything that I have learned about cooking over the last few years, he says that I’m a lazy cook.  But wait, I guess I should start at the beginning.

About three years ago, I started dealing with a tummy problem that would just not quit.  Now, I’m not pointing fingers but…  Anyways, I started looking into what would help this tummy feel better.  So in doing my research, I learned that there is a balanced flora in your tummy that when it is out of balance, you could feel sick…um, yeah.

So, how exactly do you find out how to balance this out?  According to the almighty internet (you can find out about anything there), probiotics.  Now I cannot see anyone taking a bunch of pills to help balance out your system so naturally, I did more research and started my downward spiral into fermentation?  Yay! Kimchi!Kimchi

But it didn’t stop there, I also dabled in kombucha (couldn’t get tummy to try it), pickles, and much anything else that could be fermented, including homemade sourdough bread; yeah, that one never made it to the oven.  But anyway, you get my point.  Not one thing did tummy want to try.  So, I guess I will have to settle for yogurt to combat that.  I am even learning about wine, which is a different story altogether.

Next I focused my attention to processed foods.  Really, have you ever read the ingredients on these things?  And they wonder why  people get cancer, blood disorders, and the such.  Absolutely gross just thinking about all those preservatives and additives scoping out our venous system!  What are we really eating here anyway?Garden Beds

So, I built a garden in our yard…and I was going to tell you about it and show you how it was growing but I got sidetracked.  Now all we have are the plants that are ready to harvest.  So I will have to try that again next spring.

And that’s where we begin.  The all inspired urge to FINALLY learn to cook.



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